Featured Seafood

Happy Nerw year!!! Our hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM-5 PM

Currently we are offering curb service. Call ahead with your order, pre-pay and call when you arrive & we'll bring your order to you.

You can also call ahead and pick up your order in the store.

We will not have hot chowders at this time.

Seafood from the Northwest
Rockfish fillets Pacific snapper $9.99 per pound
Ling Cod fillets Oregon $18.99 per pound
Petrale sole fillets Oregon $15.99 per pound
Flounder Fillets Oregon $8.99 per pound
Black Cod Fillets Oregon $17.99 per pound
Pacific Cod fillets Oregon $14.99 per pound
Icelandic Cod Fresh $ 14.99 per pound
 Small oysters Willapa Bay $13.99 per pound
Oysters in the Shell Willapa Bay-Skookum .99 cents each
Kumamoto Oysters in Shell California $ 1.50 Each
Oregon shrimp Frozen Oregon $12.99 per pound
Dungeness crab meat (fresh) Fresh $49.99 per pound
Dungeness Fry Legs Fresh $59.99 per pound
Sturgeon fillets Columbia River Market
Steamer clams (manillia) Washington $7.99 per pound
Mussels Washington $8.99 per pound
Dungeness Crabs Oregon $12.99 per pound
Sockeye Fillets  Frozen Alaskan $17.99 per pound
Wild Oregon Chinook Fillets Oregon Trolls $34.99 per pound
Alaskan Coho Frozen $ 18.99 per pound
Columbia River Chinook Check availability Market
Escolar Fillets Australia - Frozen $16.99 per pound
Albacore Fillets Out of season Market
Whole Albacore Out of season Market
Halibut fillets Fresh Alaskan $28.99 per pound
Halibut steaks Fresh Alaskan $27.99 per pound
Halibut Cheeks Fresh Alaska (check availability) $27.99 per pound
Razor clams Washington Frozen $27.99 per pound
Fresh Razor Clams out of season $
Chowder Clams East Coast $6.99 per pound
Tombo Hawaii  Market
Escolar Frozen Australia  $15.99 per pound
Mahi-Mahi Hawaii market price
Swordfish USA $24.99 per pound
Ahi tuna Hawaii (fresh) Sushi grade $29.99 per pound
Marlin Hawaii (fresh) Market
Ono Hawaii (fresh) Market
Farm Raised Fish
Organic Farmed Chinook Fresh Canada $24.99 per pound
Catfish fillets Mississippi $12.99 per pound
 Trout Idaho $14.99 per pound
Salmon Bellies Frozen $14.99 per pound
Atlantic salmon fillets Canada farmed $12.99 per pound
Atlantic salmon steaks Canada farmed $11.99 per pound
Tilapia Fillets South America $9.99 per pound
Steelhead Fresh Washington $14.99 per pound
Store Made Products
Fresh Salmon Loaf 16 ounce $11.99 each
Crab Cakes 2 per pack $6.99 each
Wild Black Cod Burgers 2 per pack $ 6.99 each
Smoked salmon spread 8 ounce tub $8.00 each
Spiced shrimp $14.99 per pound
Cooked Prawns Peeled & deveined (Cooked in store.) $27.99 per pound
Salmon Burgers 2 per pack $5.99 each
Lobster Salad $12.99 per pound
Imitation Crab Salad $6.99 per pound
Halibut Cakes 2 per pack $6.99 each
Dungeness Crab Dip 7 ounce tub $10.00 each
Soup Stocks (frozen) Lobster, halibut, fish, shrimp & chicken $5.00 per Quart
Shrimp Dip 8 ounce tub $7.00 each
Clam Dip 8 ounce tub  8.00 each
Lobster Spread 8 ounce tub $7.00 each
Smoked Oyster Pate 7 ounce tub  $10.00 each
Crab Stuffed Salmon 7-8 ounce each $ 7.00 each
Shrimp& Brie Stuffed Salmon 7-8 ounces each $ 7.00 each
Seasoned whipped butters 3 oz. container $ 2.50 each
Aiolis (lemon lime, wasabi lime, Dijon) 3 oz. container $ 2.50 each
Shellfish and Other Seafood
Jumbo Sea Scallops Frozen-Dry pack under 10 per pound $35.99 per pound
Bay scallops Frozen-Dry pack $14.99 per pound
Medium Scallops 20-30 count Frozen Dry Pack $25.99 per pound
Orange roughy Frozen $17.99 per pound
Mexican Gulf prawns U-15  per pound $24.99 per pound
Gulf shrimp peeled & deveined 21-25 count $19.99 per pound
Mexican Shrimp 21-25 per pound $13.99 per pound
Soft Shell Crabs (blue crab) Frozen $ 3.99 each
King Crab Legs Alaska $ 49.99 per pound
Lobster tails (warm water) 8 to 16 ounces each $49.99 per pound
Crawfish tail meat 1 lb. package frozen USA $17.99 each
Calamari Salad   $13.99 per pound
Seaweed Salad   $9.99 per pound
Live Seafood
Live Dungeness crabs - Oregon                                                    $12.99 per popund
Live Maine lobsters-Kittery Maine 1 1/2 - 3 pound each                               $24.99 per pound
Live Crawdads-Lake Billy Chinook Not in Season $ 7.99 per pound
Smoked Seafood
Smoked Salmon Bellies   $14.99 per pound
Premium smoked Salmon $29.99 per pound
Smoked Lox sliced $29.99 per pound
Smoked mussels $20.00 per pound
Smoked scallops 4 ounce package $12.50 each
Smoked trout 1 pound package $23.99 each
Smoked oysters 2.5 oz. package $8.99 each