Featured Seafood

Made in store seafood dips and spreads. Smoked salmon spread, clam dip, shrimp dip, oyster pate

Crab dip, Crab artichoke dip. Crab stuffed salmon & shrimp stuffed salmon made daily.

Chowder to go. Wed. & Thurs. Salmon Chowder Tuesday & Friday Clam Chowder Sat. Ciopinno

Seafood from the Northwest
Rockfish fillets pacific snapper $9.99 per pound
Ling Cod fillets Oregon $16.99 per pound
Petrale sole fillets Oregon $15.99 per pound
Flounder Fillets Oregon $8.99 per pound
Black Cod Fillets Oregon Market
Pacific Cod fillets Oregon $11.99 per pound
Extra Small oysters Willapa Bay $13.99 per pound
Medium Oysters Willapa Bay $ 10.99 per  pound
Oysters in the Shell Willapa Bay .99 cents each
Kumamoto Oysters in Shell California $ 1.25 Each
Oregon shrimp Frozen Oregon $9.99 per pound
Dungeness crab meat (fresh) Fresh $44.99 per pound
Dungeness Fry Legs Fresh $54.99 per pound
Sturgeon fillets Columbia River Market
Steamer clams (manillia) Washington $6.99 per pound
Mussels Washington $7.99 per pound
Dungeness Crabs Fresh Oregon  $ 9.99 per pound
 Wild  Chinook Fillets Oregon Frozen $19.99 per pound
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Alaska Frozen $ 14.99 per pound
Alaskan Coho Alaska Frozen $ 14.99 per pound
Fresh Steelhead Washington Frozen $13.99 per pound
Escolar Fillets Australia - Frozen $16.99 per pound
Albacore Fillets  Oregon Frozen $10.99 per pound
Whole Albacore Out of Season $
Halibut fillets Frozen Alaskan $27.99 per pound
Halibut steaks Frozen Alaskan $26.99 per pound
Halibut Cheeks Frozen Oregon/Alaskan $26.99 per pound
Razor clams Alaskan 1lb. pkg. Frozen $19.99 per pound
Fresh Razor Clams Northwest  Market
Chowder Clams East Coast $5.99 per pound
Tombo Hawaii  Market
Escolar Frozen Australia  $15.99 per pound
Mahi-Mahi Hawaii market price
Swordfish USA Market
Ahi tuna Hawaii (fresh) Sushi grade $29.99 per pound
Marlin Hawaii (fresh) Market
Ono Hawaii (fresh) Market
Farm Raised Fish
Catfish fillets Idaho $12.99 per pound
Rainbow Trout Idaho $9.99 per pound
Atlantic salmon fillets Canada farmed $13.99 per pound
Atlantic salmon steaks Canada farmed $12.99 per pound
Tilapia Fillets South America $9.99 per pound
Arctic Char Canada $13.99 per pound
Store Made Products
Fresh Salmon Loaf 16 ounce $11.99 each
Crab Cakes 2 per pack $6.99 each
Wild Fish Burgers 2 per pack $ 5.99 each
Smoked salmon spread 8 ounce tub $7.00 each
Spiced shrimp $14.99 per pound
Cooked Prawns Peeled & deveined 16-20 per Lb. $23.99 per pound
Salmon Burgers 2 per pack $5.98 each
Lobster Salad $11.99 per pound
Imitation Crab Salad $5.99 per pound
Halibut Cakes 2 per pack $5.99 each
Dungeness Crab Dip 7 ounce tub $8.00 each
Spicy shrimp spread 8 ounce tub $5.00 each
Clam Dip 8 ounce tub $ 6.00 each
Lobster Spread 8 ounce tub $7.00 each
Smoked Oyster Pate 7 ounce tub $ 7.00 each
Crab Stuffed Salmon 7-8 ounce each $ 7.00 each
Shrimp& Brie Stuffed Salmon 7-8 ounces each $ 7.00 each
Seasoned whipped butters 3 oz. container $ 2.50 each
Aiolis (lemon lime, wasabi lime, Dijon) 3 oz. container $ 2.50 each
Shellfish and Other Seafood
Jumbo Sea Scallops Frozen-Dry pack under 10 per pound $34.99 per pound
Bay scallops Frozen-Dry pack $12.99 per pound
Medium Scallops 20-30 count Frozen Dry Pack $24.99 per pound
Orange roughy Frozen $16.99 per pound
Mexican Gulf prawns 13-15  per pound $24.99 per pound
Gulf shrimp peeled & deveined 21-25 count $19.99 per pound
Mexican Shrimp 21-25 per pound $13.99 per pound
Soft Shell Crabs (blue crab)   $ 5.50 each
Cooked Prawns 31-40 per pound $16.99 per pound
Lobster tails (warm water) 8 to 16 ounces each $39.99 per pound
Crawfish tail meat 1 lb. package frozen $17.99 each
Octopus Salad   $14.99 per pound
Seaweed Salad   $9.99 per pound
Live Seafood
Live Dungeness crabs -                                                                   Market
Live Maine lobsters-Kittery Maine $19.99 per pound (2-3 pounds each)
Live Crawdads-Lake Billy Chinook Out of season $
Smoked Seafood
Premium smoked Salmon $24.99 per pound
Smoked Lox sliced $22.99 per pound
Smoked mussels $22.99 per pound
Smoked scallops $44.99 per pound
Smoked trout 1 pound package $17.99 each
Smoked oysters 2.5 oz. package $5.99 each